Chipin & Kaiya - Noted Jazz musicians from Taiwan just released their 6th album within 10 years, this time a special project called "JACK" - which means JAzz+roCK - is launched. 11 tracks were all music you seem knew, but sound brand new! This special project was initiated from one of the regular pub thematic concerts they organized from 2009 in Taipei City, and now the original members gathered together to make it into an album called "Freedom Voyage"! Aside from the lead violin by Chi-pin Hsieh & keyboard/Synth/Main-Arranger Kai-ya Chang, the JACK bassist is Hou-chin Lin, guitarist is Geddy Lin and Toshi Fujii is in charge of the drums.

If you checked out out the song titles you might find some clues but JACK had adapted everything into a natural way so that you can only sense the musical creativity! To make some tracks much fruitful, Some international jazz greats were featured such as US trumpeter David Smith, trombonist Alan Ferber & saxophonist John Ruocco, plus the Belgian bassist Bart De Nolf & drummer Mimi Verderame, who all featured on the last album of Kai-ya Chang - "Jazz Promenade 2". Actually, 2 albums were recorded in the same 4-day session but by well-production it turned out to be completely 2 different musical results!

The all-live recording session was finished at Platinum Studio in Taipei and the mix was done by the famous Belgian recording engineer Pino Guarraci and mastered at Foon Mastering Center in Belgium, which maintains the high level and great quality of Chipin & Kaiya's Jazz's production.

"JACK Project - Freedom Voyage" is in stock from June 8 at local & online music store in Taiwan, check out the official website for more clips and info.

And the album-releasing concert will be organized on July 1 at the 2012 Taipei International Jazz Festival (, located at Butterfly Hall of FLORA EXPO, Taipei City, concert starts at 7pm, open for free entrance at 6pm, come and enjoy the explosive music and THE UNIQUE BAND!

Regional and International booking for performance is available for second half of 2012 to 2013, check the
website for contact into too!

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